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Welcome to the nation’s premier online platform for buying, selling and renting exclusive prime properties and real Estate in Ghana. Africa’s high economic growth has led to an exciting rise in the demand for upscale Commercial and Residential property, and Ghana is lucky to be one of the nations at the forefront of this boom.

On a mission to present Ghana’s best in properties, while supplying the highest quality of service, Ghana Prime Properties works with leading industry professionals, corporate and private developers, as well as private property owners to give you a trustworthy source on the property market in Ghana. These partnerships mean you can be assured of leading opportunities and communication through tools such as our blogs, Facebook and photos. The Ghana Prime Properties team is constantly improving in order to stay on top of the industry changes and provide the best client experience.

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Whether you are looking to find your dream home, perfect vacation rental, an outstanding property in a new development, or the latest news in real estate, www.ghanaprimeproperties.com is your key to trustworthy information on the property market in Ghana.